Easy made and stressless Wedding Packages in Tuscany & Chianti!
The best Romantic Gateways, traditional food, Renaissance art in Florence & Palio in Siena, breathtaking views, beautiful scenery of Tuscany and excellent wine! All Packages can be personalised.....with music, floral arangements, hairstylist & make-up....all within your budget. Every wedding is different and unique and very couple has a certain dream that they are trying to achieve on their wedding day. We at Wedding in Tuscany™ can customize a package that works for you and your guests. From small ceremonies & vow renewals to large reception parties of 150 or more, Wedding in Tuscany™ can off you a tailor made wedding package!

Maßgeschneiderte Hochzeitspakete! Forfaits de Mariage sur mesure! Pacchetti di Nozze fatti su misura!